SURE model evaluation

Enter checklist data (input scheme see below)

Color scale type:
gray scale
no color scale

Checklist data display format:
without checklist data

Evaluation table:
empirical evaluation scores
extended table

Input scheme for checklist data (CSV-file)


$r$-   number of key goals,
$s_i$- number of sub goals of $i$-th key goal, $i=1,...,r$,
$x_0, x_1$  - minimal and maximal value of evaluation interval $[x_0,x_1]$, $x_0 < x_1$,
observation value for the $j$-th sub goal, $j=1,...,s_i$, of $i$-th key goal, $i=1,...,r$, in $k$-th check list, $k=1,...,n$,
$n$- sample size.

Spaces and line breaks are allowed.
In addition, comments can be inserted. A comment starts with # and always extends until the end of corresponding line.